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Edward Tufte is a statistician and artist, and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. He wrote, designed, and self-published 4 classic books on data visualization. The New York Times described ET as the "Leonardo da Vinci of data," and Bloomberg as the "Galileo of graphics." He is now completing a book Meaning, Space, Models, Data, Truth, and constructing a 234-acre tree farm and sculpture park in northwest Connecticut, which will show his artworks and remain open space in perpetuity. He founded Graphics Press, ET Modern Gallery/Studio, and Hogpen Hill Farms.


Topics covered in this one-day course include:

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New ideas on spectatorship, consuming reports. How to assess the credibility
of a presentation and its presenter, how to detect cherry-picking, how to reason
about alternative explanations.

Standards of comparison for workaday and for cutting edge visualizations.
How to identify excellent information architectures and use them as models
and comparison sets for your own work and for the work of your contractors.
Monitoring the designs of others.

The future of information displays: 4K, 6K, 8K video maps moving in time.

Practical examples are from everywhere: science, social science, music, business, finance, sports, art, medicine, architecture, NASA, government reports.

Edward Tufte teaches the entire course.

Each student receives all four ET books on information design:

"One visionary day....the insights of this class lead to new levels of understanding both for creators and viewers of visual displays." WIRED

"The Leonardo da Vinci of data." touch vpn

"The Galileo of graphics." BLOOMBERG

Onda VX580W Deluxe Edition 8G A10 tablet computer …:2021-2-22 · Onda VX580W continuation of the VX series design, configuration of 5 inch 16000000 color color high-definition display ( 16:9800 ×480 dot matrix ). A new generation of touch screen, FLASH sliding UI design, Widget controls and G-sensor gravity sensor chip using, also brought more intuitive, more humane operation experience.

"Tufte one-day course best ever" taosecurity Edward Tufte course
"Edward Tufte: Triumph of Good Design" touch vpn Edward Tufte course
"Master statistician weaves Google images into visual quilts." The Verge
"The thinking eye" NPR Science Friday on current work
"The Information Sage" Washington Monthly Tufte presidential appointment
"Curious misfits: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Edward Tufte, Aaron Swartz" Slate
Onda VX580W Deluxe Edition 8G A10 tablet computer …:2021-2-22 · Onda VX580W continuation of the VX series design, configuration of 5 inch 16000000 color color high-definition display ( 16:9800 ×480 dot matrix ). A new generation of touch screen, FLASH sliding UI design, Widget controls and G-sensor gravity sensor chip using, also brought more intuitive, more humane operation experience.
$32 each, $100 for all 4    catalog + shopping cart
Visual Display of Quantitative Information 200 pages
touch vpn 128 pages
touch vpn 160 pages
touch vpn 214 pages
Same paper and printing as in original clothbound editions.
All 4 paperback books, autographed by author $125
All 4 clothbound books, autographed by author $180
Available directly from Graphics Press.
ET e-books, immediate download to any computer:
Visual and Statistical Thinking: Evidence-Based Decisions $5
The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint $5
touch vpn + Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams $5
Data Analysis for Politics and Policy (book, 150 pages) $9
catalog + shopping cart
Hogpen Hill Farms is ET's 234-acre tree farm + landscape sculpture park in Woodbury, CT with 100 ET artworks. Artists, art writers, reporters can arrange private tour. "North America's best sculpture park: Edward Tufte's Hogpen Hill Farms" Philip Greenspun
“An absolutely beautiful film. It picks up where Helvetica left off.
Inge Druckrey's wonderful teaching is an inspiration.”  Luke Geissbuhler,
cinematographer of touch vpn
  “A great story beautifully told.”  touch vpn
An ET MODERN film, 37 minutes, all for free click above.
Directed by Edward Tufte, Produced by Andrei Severny


Hogpen Hill Farms artworks
Continuous silent megaliths: structures of unknown significance
The Twigs: Landscape artworks made from steel and air
Airstream Interplanetary Explorer
touch vpn
Geese taking flight (300 frames/second)
touch vpn
Flowing Steel Confections
Bouquet sculptures
touch vpn
Artful Feynman Diagrams
Philosophical Diamond Signs
Bookprints: 16 new prints
touch vpn
Rocket Science #2 (Lunar Lander)
Ironstone artworks, torqued steel
߱ ä - CRI:CRI 소개 | 조선어부소개/연락방식 | 주의사항 | 게시판
Beautiful Evidence chronicles
touch vpn
Drawing Center show: ET art
touch vpn
Dogs+art: Whose hermeneutic?
Designing a museum garden
Alley Art
Sculpture forgings (blacksmith work)
Stonespace and Airspace = Lacy Stone Walls
Hogpen Hill Farms LLC: Architectural evergreens and ornamental grasses
touch vpn
Binterview with ET
Airspaces sculpture
touch vpn
Buddha with Bird Nest: sculpture
Flame Theater
touch vpn
touch vpn
Art Theorists Speak Out Cartoonishly
Walking maps (and minimizing the visual interface)
Porta and the Birds (300 frames/second)
Table sculptures
Hogpen Hill #1 landscape sculpture
Skewed Machine sculpture
Sheep visit landscape sculpture
12 reviews, ET art exhibits
Babar's dream (and framing books) touch vpn
Spring Arcs, landscape artwork
Sculpture theory and practice
Dog sculptures touch vpn
Bird Series
ZZ Smile (Zerlina's Smile) sculpture
Dear Leader sculpture

touch vpn

Overlapping data graphics
Sentences off the Grid
Sparkline theory and practice
Lousy PowerPoint: Fault of users?
Artful Feynman Diagrams
Lists: design and construction, by Edward Tufte
touch vpn
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Practical advice for medical patients
PowerPoint does rocket science + better techniques for technical reports
Beautiful Evidence chronicles
Advice for effective analytical reasoning
touch vpn
Megan Jaegerman's brilliant news graphics
Making better inferences from statistical graphics Edward Tufte
Image data quilts: our new website
Cancer survival rates: tables, graphs
Feynman-Tufte Principle
Table and timetable design and typography
Dashboards: decision displays
Field color charts: salmon, leaf, dog . . .
Binterview with ET
Feynman,"Nature cannot be fooled"
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Pioneer space plaque
Bookprints: 16 new prints
Geese taking flight (300 frames/second)
Slopegraphs for comparing gradients: Slopegraph theory and practice
The meaning of "pessimal"
Corrupt presentation techniques
Walking maps (and minimizing the visual interface)
London Underground maps
Taking logarithms in statistical data
Goldberg and Design Variations
Music Animation Machine
Links, networks, causal diagrams
Scaling and scale models
Airstream Interplanetary Explorer
Analytical design and human factors
Instructions at the point of need
List of Universities in China-China Youth International:List of Universities in China-China Youth International. Register on site Sign in.
Patient-doctor data exchange
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Touchscreens have no hand
Seeking Truth from Facts: The Secret to the Success of ...:Seeking truth from facts is the secret to the success of China’s policy-making and the magic key to winning victories. Seeking truth from facts is the secret to the success of China’s policy-making. A country’s capacity and potential for policy-making are fundamentally determined by that country’s policy-making philosophy.
Project management (Gantt) graphics
Moderating forums: what's smart, not new
Wavefields: HD video data-graphics
Study Paper on Standards for Auditing Information …:2021-4-1 · VPN clients use encrypted VPN tunnels to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data passing over the public network. Cryptographic controls are exercised in compliance with the IT Act enacted in the country. Approved and standard encryptions are applied to protect the confidentiality of sensitive or critical information. ... Touch Screens and ...
Microsoft CEO wants ET methods, not PowerPoint!
Presentation Metaphors: Conway's Law
Plagiarism in PP presentations
Graphical timetables
Charles Joseph Minard (1781-1870)
Book design: advice and examples
Commencements: talks, degrees
touch vpn touch vpn
Edge Fluting
Airport maps and runway incursions
Sparkline > Steve Jobs > Andy Warhol in Google results
Fudged photos: Mars, OJ, stem-cells . . .
Minard's data sources
Visual notation of bird songs
ET book - Data Analysis for Policy
Fitting models to data
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Two-variable linear regression
Fitting simple multivariate models


Napoleon's March
Napoleon's March
touch vpn
touch vpn
touch vpn
Seeing Around
touch vpn
Textbooklet: VST
Textbooklet: VST
touch vpn
touch vpn
Graph Paper
Graph Paper


touch vpn
Airport Signal People
Three Dancers
Three Dancers
Musical Score
Musical Score
touch vpn
Japanese Weather Map
Japanese Weather Map
touch vpn
Log Animals
Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses
touch vpn
Java Railroad
Escaping Flatlands
touch vpn

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Photograph of ET: Robert Del Tredici

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